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OK in this video we’ll talk about three important points very important points to keep in mind before

you start your life is training session in any .It doesn’t matter if you are doing it on Digital marketing training any ┬ásame strategy. The first one is to plan the content you think you are planning to lever to out is the most important thing here guys is that these content this content need needs to add value to your audience.

Think about the main points of your audience what they are looking for when they find you how you can

change your life how you can improve their life. How can you teach them something that is valuable to to reach the goal that they want. OK the your audience if any of the needs that you have. OK so it contains I cannot give you exactly a recipe for how to plan the content but I will give you recipes here to maximize the marketing strategy to maximize the rissoles that you are getting from this like X-Treme. But the Colten is up to you. You need to think about it you need to get a piece of paper a pen and just write it down. The most important thing and as I told you is to warrantied that they get that they are getting value from information you are sharing thats you with you OK.

Number two and this is important. Engage your audience during the scope. What that means ask questions when you are in life. We do our audience do it. Some people just are life and they start talking talking talking talking and they’re out there watching but are not interacting or not engaging when you engage in a conversation when the other person knows that you are there and you are watching and ask you questions you are more engaged.

You interact with them and the chances for the end to actually follow your call to action that we are talking through in one minute are higher pay. So engage with your audience means ask questions in the beginning of your stream say hey let me know here in the comments were are you connecting for all.

Let me know if you have any questions or ask simple questions where they can ask yes or no about your

topic. OK. If you are teaching about for example how to create a website you can say OK guys in this video youll learn how to operate a website even if you never created a website before I post here on the questions.

If you are excited if you are excited say yes. So people will go yes yes yes yes you will have some. No.

That’s normal There are people that are not excited you know and that’s that’s how it is. So ask questions ask easy questions not only the beginning of years of your Digital marketing training session.

Ask questions all the time.

When you see that you are talking for like five 10 minutes straight stop and ask questions.

OK if you are excited if you if you like what you learn here on this one minute that I share share with


Please let me know in the comments or something like that.

You got the idea.

Ask questions.

Number two ask then to share your stream.

We will ask then two things here we will ask them to show your history and we’ll ask them to live your

dream.First we will ask them to share your screen. I test this on my company and with my clients.

I test asking them first to like and later on to share.

People are used to only take action once on my test so the percentage of the people that are taking

the first action are higher than the one that I take in twice the first one and the second one.

So that’s why first we’re asking the most important thing for us which is hey share this history with

your audience or if they’re on Digital marketing training they will click on share and they will share with all their friends if they have a thousand friends or a thousand people will be able to see your screen ok or your post later.

The recorded version that’s amazing because you are growing exponentially. The more people share you stream the more people are that the more information your audience will grow.

OK so first and we asked them hey share the stream if you like. After that we we we can ask them if you like this please click click on the Like button here give me a life.

Or if you don’t like click on the slide.

If you’re on Digital marketing training you have like and dislike and I will know how to proceed from here you know.

So you you need to be grateful all the time you need to act as you have a real conversation with somebody not only with the camera.

Kate you need to think that you are talking to a friend that you are teaching them.

Now you are telling them about your company your protein bar about how strong they are.

OK so ask them to share.

Ask them to light your tree and the last one that I want to share with you or be with you before we go to the call to action.

And this is actually a little bit in the in the department of call to action is to run contests during

your stream and this is easy let me show let me tell you how do I do it every time I do a life history

in Digital marketing training like Digital marketing training life isn’t on life.

I run contests.

So how do I do that I say hey guys at the beginning you say you guys during this video you learn this

and this I mean something that they really want to learn.

And at the end of the video I will ask one question related with the content that I shared with you

on this stream.

The first person that answers the data have a correct answer on that question.

Well when did for example in my case I get for free one of my top premium Digital marketing training courses.OK.

So they are very excited because our courses that are value are 200 plus dollars.

So they get they keeping gate.

They pay attention to my message because they say OK this guy is showing something very interesting

with me.

And if I pay attention at the end he will ask a question and if I answer correctly and am the first

I will win a $200 course which is great.

Or you can offer anything that you want you can offer.

Free call with you.

You can offer free PDA for free ebook.

There is no limit of the things that you can offer to them.


So that’s the contest part.

Also in the contests you can add more elements for example you can say you guys if the first person

that answers and get the prize if this person share this story before.

So at the beginning you say hey please share this dream.

At the end we will have a contest and all the people that sure will win a prize.

I will randomly select one of the least of all the shirts.

So you can do that too.

So there is no limit of the combination of guys that you can implement on these contests.

And on my experience I really want you to try to call this a strategy because of my experience the engagement

and the number of people are there with you life is amazing on engagement they ask questions they get

there. They share the screen they like the video. So it is great and all that will help it to grow out.

And that’s the end goal. OK.

And the last one is called to action.

Always always always in all the videos that you do in all the polls that you create on your website

and your blog. You need to have a call to action at the gate if they are watching up to the end of the video. That means that they lied to you. That means if you are watching me now. Thank you very much.

That you are watching me and you are participating on the chords and excited for you.

So if you are they are watching to the end.

You need to give them a call to action and the call to action can be hey go to our landing page and

this is the most efficient in my opinion.

You know driving people to a landing page because you can say please if you want to learn more about

this. All right. I share with you.

Go to the old man in the corner and you will find great courses over there. That’s good.

That’s a good call to action but most efficient call to action is if you want to learn how to take your

your followers from 0 to 1000 in two months. Go to this.You are.

And you will get really serious 100 percent free that you can watch it one day for a week and you’ll

learn to complete a strategy and you can implement on your digital marketing training right away.

That’s different right. More appealing.

So that’s a call to action driving people to a landing page on what’s there meant that the matter is

that you are getting their name on e-mail and they are getting on your hour to seek out a responder

sequence and all that good stuff that we know and other than that you can drive into your web site to

your digital marketing training store if you have an digital marketing training store.

If you are talking about specific brother on your life session you can drive into that brought to that

link that drive them to specific products on your website page on the Web site where you have your product.

You can drive into your Digital marketing training page or to your Digital marketing training page and they will like your Digital marketing training page.

That’s another thing that you can add on the contests.

You can say hey all the people that go that shared the stream number one and click or go to my Digital marketing training

page or go to this link to visit the Digital marketing training page and like the page I will draw like 3 free passes

to my top premium Digital marketing training courses for all these people that do that.

So you see the engagement and you see how you can grow your audience with these simple tools that are 100 percent free for you. I hope you are excited. Think about this three point plan in your your your life sessions engaging with your audience and giving

a call to action. At the day. See you in the next digital marketing training video.

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