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The first step to create amazing professional like the streaming digital marketing training in Delhi is to talk about equipment. So in this digital marketing training in Delhi we’ll talk about the basic equipment you need. What do you need to start and what do you need in order to take it to the next level to create professional digital marketing training in Delhi that looks outstanding for your out. OK.

The basic stuff you all you need to do inaudible to apply this strategy to your lair on this model. The only thing that you’d need. You are already having with a smartphone. I hope you have a smartphone. You can be an iPhone and Android does not matter. You can use all you can do that. Life is truly mean to all your channels with your smartphone. Later in the course as I told you in the last digital marketing training in Delhi we talk about software that can help you to do live streaming at the same time to all your platforms so you are saving time and energy creating only one session and out and distributing all the channels.

But for now we’re talking about their regular lives session and for that all you need is a cell phone

if you want to take to the next level if you want to invest a little bit more money to get the better

result better audio on your on your lifestream made it a better digital marketing training in Delhi quality and all that.

I will recommend to you right now basic equipment that you can buy very easily on Amazon.

The first one is a microphone because your phone have a radio a microphone but the quality is not perfect It is not a superior or professional quality right.

So in order to achieve a great quality you need an external microphone that you connect to your smartphone ladies connect to your smartphone.

You have the microphone here. So you put the microphone close to your mouth and thats it.

You are ready to start creating your life. Streaming right.

Also That’s number one microphone. Great audio quality.

You know that if you are used to watching YouTube digital marketing training in Delhis or live streaming sessions on Facebook YouTube the audio is very important because the drew up this is.

This is actually real data. The people is proof that people draw up your digital marketing training in Delhi. People quit your digital marketing training in Delhi and go to another digital marketing training in Delhi or start browsing other things online. When the audio quality is not perfect so that’s why AOO is super important here.

When we are talking about digital marketing training in Delhi that’s right. The second equipment I recommend it to you and I recommend before here on there in the course is a tripod

This is a jobbie gorilla pardon me both here on the screen. Here we are in sodger Jobie gorilla pod.

A tripod is $419 right now open right now on Amazon and the links for all this equipment will be here

on the resources area of this lecture.

Why this is important because if you are doing a live digital marketing training in Delhi right and you hold the phone with your hand you have vibration.

The digital marketing training in Delhi will be shaky and is good people sometimes like it sometimes the meaning of your message is good to have a more dynamic digital marketing training in Delhi but most of the time its a better idea to have on a static digital marketing training in Delhi or a high quality digital marketing training in Delhi where you place the tripod on the table or on someplace that you have straight you have a straight conversation with you that you can deliver your message.

You can add value to them through the camera because its all stable. Everything is obsolete.

The song is perfect and people are engaging with your material right. So thats number two.

This one really comes with an eye with a phone holder.

You can see here on the screen.

Right this is the phone holder and this guy here is good because he is very flexible you can place it anywhere. OK.

The second day the next one that I would recommend to you is these this is an iPhone holder. Let me go down a little bit here. This is is this silver piece here.

This is great because its very flexible.

You can place it this way or you can place it the other way so you can place your phone in landscape or portrait mode.

And this is great because its very flexible its easy to put it here.

You can use support for tablets I-pads any phone fits here very and its very stable.

So thats why I like it.

$15 is a great investment. I use it every time and doing live digital marketing training in Delhi on social media. OK.

So this is the set up that I’m recommending to you right now.

This is the next level. I am investing low money.

There are of course if you want to go super professional they are. There are different cameras that you can buy on different equipment but if you want to spend just a little bit and have a great professional quality digital marketing training in Delhi on our you own your own your live stream can be set up.

Here is the perfect for one that I would recommend to you today. OK.

I hope you like it.

All the links are from their resources.

Before we move forward let me show you two more.

Two other piece of equipment that are very important and will make a difference on the quality of the digital marketing training in Delhi and audio of your digital marketing training in Delhis one is the microphone and the microphone and a different camera.

Right now I will recommend you exactly the same microphone I am using right now to record my lectures. Is this one the blue Yeti silver.

You can hear the quality of the sound is perfect. Amazing you can change you can change the settings to fit your voice and all that. I’ll show you that later.

But this is the microphone and this is the color I am recommending to you. Why. Why.

Because I mean I told you in the beginning that we only need the phone basically because later on they own this model will talk about how you can do your Facebook your YouTube like your Eastern live sessions all social media streaming from your computer.

Instead of doing from your phone what’s the advantage of that.

That vanity’s that you can you can do the session at the same time simultaneously to more than one platform.

Number one you can have better quality because you have better quality microform better quality camera and also you can have that Q and that is more dynamic.

Usually when you are on your phone and people ask you question people engage with you with your message you need to scroll down and up to find the right question.

When people ask solve something about your business about your products if the computer is easier to find that is easier to manage all that aspect and I’ll show you later here on the cost.

So the first equipment for the computer and recommended is this camera that you are watching me right now let me put my phone up a meter here and show you the camera.

Here is the camera. I hope you can see see I hope you can see that’s the see 920 by Logitech so far this is the best or

one of the best what comes on the market and you can buy it for 60 or a little bit over $60 on Amazon

right now.

It’s great great quality 10 ADP is it basically all my digital marketing training in Delhis all my classes my courses I do it withthis camera.

I love it.

Absolutely Atreus I use it every day since I think I purchased it like three years ago or four years

ago when they released it.

Works fine until now.

So I’m recommending that to you because simply I absolutely love it.

Is this seen a twenty by Logitech and the microphone is this guy here.

He’s the blue Yeti microphones 129 right now on Amazon.

Or the more Spenski but it’s working best invest on this one especially if you are taking your marketing.

Believe it or marketing very seriously because this is our tool for war.

All this equipment that I am sure showing you guys right now is that.

There are tools that you are using in order to grow your outhe’s in order to grow your business online.

That’s important.

You need to invest some time sometimes in order to get better results. Right.

So this is the bleachery amazing microphone.

Very cheap combined with all their professional microphones that can go up to a thousand dollars $500

for something like that. And this is us.

You can just connect to your laptop you can connect to your to any computer basically and use it.

I even use it on iPad sometime I have a special adapter that I put on the iPad and I can record out

your podcast or any anything like that on my iPad is great. So these are the equipment all the leagues are going the resources area.

And after that we are moving on the digital marketing training in Delhi and we’ll talk about how to plan your life sessions how to

engage with your audience and call to action at the end to warranty the purchase your products or your

services. So either.

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