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The last step way to accomplish here to complete or Digital marketing institutes business page is to add a story so we click again on the bottom here and click on story.

And here we have a very simple form where we can add the story. This is very similar and you can use even the same text that you use for your Facebook page description. So if you already have a Facebook page description you can just copy and paste here. OK.

So what do you need to have in mind when you create these first. You can try to use keywords keywords are important especially on Digital marketing institutes because this will show in the works on the Google search results.

So if you have keywords for on your business here that will help you to find more clients.

For example in my case let’s say that I teach digital marketing which is what I do and I want to create this page with I’m creating for the digital market in master class so I can add in the description keywords that people that would be interested in digital marketing will use to search on Google. For example I can use the Q or marketing the keyword Social Media Marketing digital marketing per other marketing business.

Any key words that I think my customers will use to find my products my company or me or my services on Google I can use it here. OK.

Of course you want to have a nice description you can you are you one want just to use R-TX full of

keywords that doesn’t make any sense but it’s good to have key word that that’s number one.

Number two we need to have a text that talk about your audience your customers pain point and why this is important because your company and your products are fixed in some pain point that your audience have or my case most of my clients need help to succeed on social media on digital marketing right.

They want help on Facebook ads they want they want help on YouTube channels on Google Plast and I provide solutions for them.

So in my case of the term marketing I can use the keywords and also create a text that will get to the heart of my client telling then how I will be able to fix their pain point. OK.

So let’s do a test here let’s say welcome to the digital marketing masterclass here.

You all are the best strategies to reach millions of customers all over the world for example.

Of course this will change depending on your company. Also one thing that I always recommend you to do and I did this on the Facebook section too is to add your digital marketing institutes here.

OK. And people say OK why do I need to add my web Sahir Diego if I already added on their sites right on their Facebook page. Because the more places that we have in your digital marketing institutes the link to your alter digital marketing institutes the better because we are talking about here about Google Glass and we want them to be overload with the links.


So let’s see here we see this you know to get X to get X benefit.

OK. So people will visit here to get the course to get the free something that you are offering for free or to enroll in the top courses.

And I can say OK when I’m ready. I also have the editing here I can do Bauld I entirely underlayer all these cool stuff of course. I recommend to write a longer description here.

We talk about this on the Facebook section and this is similar Also if you have a digital marketing institutes and you have the About Us page.

This is similar to the About Us page.

You could Jucundus copy and paste that section here on your Digital marketing institutes page when you already click on OK. Excellent.

Q We have all the information. Wonderful.

And now finally the page is ready for intrusive the customer because we have all the information that we need.

I hope you like this.

Let me know if you have any questions.

And after that we are ready to move forward with the cars.

Work Welcome back.

Now we are ready to start Ali in your site and I as I told you in the last video this is very important

because here we will add the link to your digital marketing institutes on why this is important for us because your customers are your future customers and your fans will know where to find you where to find your company online.

So by having your digital marketing institutes here let’s add mine here with a Visa dot com by having your digital marketing institutes here.

You are basically still telling your people your customers on your phones where to find you.

And these will help you to drive traffic to your online store to your digital marketing institutes.

On more people will see your brand and what you have all the content all the Vialli the articles that

you have on your blog or your digital marketing institutes that’s one.

But the most important thing is that we are adding a link to your digital marketing institutes in one of the Google’s domain. I mean Google is the owner of Digital marketing institutes.

These will have a huge impact on your ranking.

OK so having your digital marketing institutes here is does number one.

After I have links what is this exactly.

This is a place where you can add other links that you have that say you have a digital marketing institutes and you also

have an online store you can add that here. Or let’s say you can add links to your other social media to Facebook YouTube Instagram periscope.

Any other social media you can add here on our own and you can add several are in the past button so

let’s say here that I will add my Facebook Facebook page Facebook that can slash Rio de la villa.

After that we can YouTube channel and you are the link here to my YouTube channel. OK.

And you can add Instagram for example. And your link here.

All their profiles if you have profiles on Google Glass that you want to add you can add the profiles

here. OK.

You can add the title and they link they you are wrong to the profile contributors too if you contribute

to other pages and you can link if you have other pages that you want to link here on Digital marketing institutes you can add their pages here and they you are really OK when you are ready with these ad as many links as you want here.

This is important guys look simple and looks easy to do. But this is this will actually have a huge impact on your social media not because many people will

come here to Digital marketing institutes page and visit your site.

That’s possible too but mainly for the rissoles that we will have by having links here on Digital marketing institutes that’s a huge advantage on the Google search.

Okay excellent. Let’s click OK when you are ready and that’s it let’s see here.

Here we have all the information side.

So basically if I click here on the on my digital marketing institutes you’ll see that Google Glass is out to magically redirecting the visitors to mine main digital marketing institutes which is here.


Also we have the links here Facebook you see that it gets when I have facebook page here and I have

the Facebook. You see that automatically Digital marketing institutes grab the right icon for Facebook.

Doesn’t happen for you too because I didn’t add the right link.

But if you are your YouTube channel link here you’ll see there YouTube. I can hear on this on the side.

OK. I hope this is helpful in the next video.

We will do the last step here on your Digital marketing institutes page which is your story.

See you there.

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