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Now that we enable all the settings to make sure your account qualifies for live streaming on digital marketing institute.

we are ready to go to your smartphone and start creating your first digital marketing live session. So here we are now if you don’t have the app you can go to your app store or Apple play and download the digital marketing app just search for digital marketing institute and download the app and when you can log in of course and when you are here if you are ready.Did the prior step on the state or within the last lecture you will have at the top here. The picture of your account.The search icon and the next one is the video.So click on that. And here we have two options below.You see all the videos that are currently on your smartphone so you can basically select one of these videos and post to your digital marketing institute channel or you can record a new video taken on the record bottom here on the left or go live if we click on go live.Here we are. We are live. I mean we are not live yet but when you see me here on their smartphone.So this is very similar to other platforms.You need to create that title.

Remember the title is important because you need to invite your audience.You need to write a complete a good title that will will help your audience to actually join into yourlife stream in and engage with your message.So the title here let’s see title and below that we have the public you can choose public unleased or.I recommend to go public if you are not sure and you are just testing you can of course go and listthat by doing that only people that have the link will be able to see your history.So when you are ready let’s see test your life digital marketing institute live.Wonderful.So here we are.This is good. We’re ready to click next.And when we click next here guys what happens is you too will take a picture of ass of me in this caseand it will use this picture as the thumbnail.OK. So let’s do that click here.

Let’s do a retake.Three two one. So that’s my youtube thumbnail for the life. If you don’t like you can just click and retake and take another picture.
Let’s see.OK.Let’s use that.Let’s use this one.And when you are ready you’re happy with this thumbnail.You can go live.Click and go live here and it’s going live right now to all the audience.Let’s see here.

Connecting going life.And this is how you share message when you’re out.How how you engage with your audience here on digital marketing live here we are live for everybody on my YouTube
channel.Hopefully people will join here.But this is actually just to give you an idea of how the system works.You see here how many people are alive.You see the likes that you are getting on your live stream.It’s always good if you have these on a tripod like this one.I recommend you here on this Margolin.

Also it’s good to use an external microphone.I share with you in the beginning of this model all day the links to the equipment that I recommend for Facebook you to be live on every single social media life streaming that you are doing OK So use digital marketing course live.I think your audience will absolutely love this. It’s a great way to contact and to share information to teach our kids and establish that important relationship that we want to establish between you your company and your audience because that’s thething that will make a huge difference.At the end when this time for them to buy your products and services OK to finish their life is streaming all you need to do is click and finish here at the top finish.Are you sure you want to add.Yes.


Is finishing closing the stream.You are finished.Excellent you see how statistics here about how many people participate in all that when you are ready click on done and that’s it.Excellent now digital marketing institute is posting.You see here is processing is posting these to your YouTube channel and I hope you are excited aboutthis new tool that you know right now how to use it.

OK.You see it think how you can use this thing how you can share with your audience amazing messages about your products your company.And after that. See you in the next video.

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