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Work onto you to reallife a great way to share video with your audience and in this session I will show

you how you can start using all the power of live on your advantage especially if you have a large Digital marketing Institute in Delhi .audience.Or if you are that’s fine you can still use all the same strategies.Step by step the first step before we go ahead and create a digital marketing live session we need to go to your

Digital marketing institute in Delhi account and enable the live option utilize option to do that.Here we are for example on my digital marketing institute in Delhi account.This is my YouTube channel.Go to your digital marketing institute in Delhi channel right now or let’s do this together.So here we are Click on the top right hand side on your picture here your profile and go to create our studio.

OK is opening the creators studio for us.Wonderful.And here we go to Channa we see here life is trimming.We are using this later on this model to create streams using a third party software.OK.But for now we are doing straight from your cell phone to make it super easy for you.So now we go to channel and the first option will be status and features.Make sure you are here.You’ll see your picture here.Your name Byron and varified.

All is good.And here you have some settings that we need to make sure are enable.The first one is live for streaming.So you can you can create live streaming if this is enabled so if it’s disabled for some reason please click on the neighbor button to make sure it’s all green and and allow us to create the Facebook the Digital marketing course life. And the second one that you want to enable is this one indeed live streams.That means that you can you and your audience can embed your lifestream in any websites if you have a blog if you have Warburtons Web site.You can copy the code of your live stream in and post that video on your website or even on digital marketing institutein any channel.OK.So enable these two box right now.And after that we are ready to jump to the next elector where we are going actually and both things into action and creating or for you digital marketing course live session See you there.

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