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Hey guys we’ll go to this model and happy to see you here.

Here we are ready to talk about digital marketing courses life history and how you can use all the power of video or digital marketing courses life history mean to grow your audience and reach people all over the world and convert leads into clients.

You will learn amazing stuff on this model. First of all talk about basic equipment that you need in order to create professional quality like the streaming for your audience.

We’ll talk about important point how to plan your life sessions engaging your audience on call to action in order to convert these leads into play and at the end of this Cope’s at the end of the Digital marketing courses life they Digital marketing courses life or any streaming that we are doing on the mobile.

We want people to take action going to our website going to a landing page signing for your email list or buying your products or services which is even better. Right.

Well talk about Digital marketing courses life Digital marketing courses life Instagram life periscope. And this is good. Listen to this. I’ll show you by the end of this model how you can stream at the same time in more than one platform. So basically what I am telling you here is that you are doing a live streaming but instead of just do it on Digital marketing courses or on Digital marketing courses only we will be doing simultaneously at the same time of Digital marketing courses Digital marketing courses periscope Instagram or other same type one stream and you are reaching people in all your plus your platforms.

Come in here. At the end of this month or so let’s keep watching here.

And also I’ll present to you free software that you can use in order to create not to to not you only use the native apps for you to prime Digital marketing courses for Instagram.

But amazing software that you can download for free right now on your computer. Mac or PC that you can use in order to have a better experience for you. It will be easier to create your life stream and also especially for your audience. They love these great ways to do Q&A and all that is coming here on this model and excited.

Let’s start with this model right now.Okay now that we finish the page is time to do a preview of this  page and see how your customers will see this when they visit your page.

If we go here to the top main menu and we click on Preview you’ll see here. These are market in Marsar class which is the name of my company on this example.

We have my logo here and we have the icons hand out. So if you said the hand outs app on the site you your customer can just click here and they will immediately contact you email call Carol.

Also they have access to your e-mail to your phone number. They can click on any of these links.

They can even click on the address if they are from a smartphone and the app for the maps will open and give directions to your customers from where they are to your company.

We have about page where all that description also we have the Web site that we added here remember and we have the links which is important See the website.

The Digital marketing courses page a Digital marketing courses channel and Instagram if we expand here we have this Skype user on the Instant Messenger use here on the chat too.

So this is how your customers will see your page. I hope you like this.

This is simple guys but it’s important to have. OK.

Maybe you don’t want to spend much time here on Google Plus you preferred to invest initially.

Other digital marketing courses sites as I am showing you here on the course we have more than 22 small courses and one hit on this on the digital marketing masterclass.

Maybe you want to initially start with Digital marketing courses or with Digital marketing courses or we Eastern or with periscope. That’s fine but I recommend it to just come here to the Google Glass section to watch the videos and apply.

Just create this simple page to leave it over there on your Google Plus profile because Digital marketing courses actually Google we will have all your information for you.

They will have all this information that can they will start showing on the Google search start them.

That’s the most important thing that we are doing here both in your business your address your phone

numbers your websites and your digital marketing courses profiles or in the Google search by using Google Plus. OK. I hope you like this. Let’s continue with the course in the next model.

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