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In this Digital Marketing Training,  you’re going to learn how to create a Digital Marketing Course profile that converts I’m not going to walk you through five key things that you need to do if you want to use Digital Marketing Training is a powerful marketing tool to generate leads and drive Web site traffic.

So the first of those five things is really just to set up an account and you can do that by going to Linked-In dot com and just joining the network.

It’s fairly simple and they’re just going to walk you through a couple of steps.

And once you sign up you’re going to start having to add certain things to your profile on the first and the most important of those is a profile image.

So I’m going to walk through this elements of the profile and a couple of couple of others and show you some best practices on them.

So your profile image is extremely important not only does it show up on your profile page here but also if I come into my feed in news feed which is essentially like the feed on Facebook you can see that the profile images here as well.

So you really do want to have a clear image that people can recognize you by.

And that really has a profile image you’d actually be surprised.

A lot of people if I look at say my connections here they don’t have profile images and there’s no way that they’re going to be successful in building a network and generating leads on Digital Marketing Training if they don’t have a profile image.

So it seems like a fairly basic thing.

But you would be shocked at how many people don’t even bother creating an image.

Now in terms of the image itself you can see if I go back here to mine it’s quite a close cropped shot of my face.

There’s nothing really distracting in the background there.

And I think hopefully you can recognize that’s me fairly easily even if I was in the news feed here where the images smaller or even smaller again.

I think you could recognize that as me.

And one thing that I’ve done here is I’ve kept this consistent across all of my social media profiles.

So Twitter Facebook etc. it is important to keep in consistence now in this image here you can see it’s kind of a yellow background and kind of blond hair.

And so it’s not jumping off the page as much.

Maybe she can improve upon that a little bit.

You can look into my network here.

Let me get you a couple of other examples.

You can see this white background pops.

The person pops off for quite a lot.

So a single colored background can often be good.

You can see here there’s quite a lot going on in the background which may not necessarily be bad but it doesn’t pop out as much as just a single color background.

As you can see also you can see a background here with lots of writing in this.

And I don’t think that’s a good idea because again it’s hard to recognize a face when it’s so small like that.

And also the writing in the background is just distracting and you can actually see it very well I think can agree here.

When it’s like that.

So for Jawan here maybe what she could do is have a much get much closer to the camera how a plain background and then it be easier to recognize her and even just recognizing who someone is is the first step in order to connect with them.

So the profile picture seems fairly basic but you can see a lot of people do make mistakes on it so

it’s just worth pointing at.

Now after you’ve uploaded your profile image the next thing you want to do is create a headline and this is something that I can even work on now and then and show you a couple of other examples.

So I’ve just said here Margaret are an online instructor.

Now actually the best thing to do here is not to focus on just who you are or what you do what the what the job title is.

But actually to show how you can add value to people.

So let me show you a couple of examples of this.

So we’ve have most stuff here.

He works in Microsoft and you can see he says digital wizard helping you in a rapidly changing digital world.

Let’s connect.

Now I think personally he could maybe improve upon that a little bit and get a little bit more specific about how he was helping people.

But he focuses on helping you in a rapidly changing digital world.

So that is a good headline because it shows that things are constantly changing.

It is overwhelming to keep up with the constant change and this is a guy who can help me keep up.

So that is an attractive value proposition.

It’s not just his job title but he’s actually saying how he can help you.

And also here I think this is a great call to action to include Let’s connect and that’s something that can help you increase your connections automatically because you’re giving that call to action and inviting people to connect.

And also you’ve given that value proposition of why they should connect in the first place.

So they’re saying why they should connect and then you’re saying let’s connect.

And then there’s a good chance that I’m going to do it.

Now remember that this headline is probably the single sentence on your profile that’s going to get the most amount of visibility.

People are not going to scroll down all the way read through everything 80 percent or 90 percent of what people are going to see is just on this single line alone.

So it is worth giving a little bit of thought to let’s have a look at another example of a good headline here.

So helping find stay secure by hacking them for as before malicious hackers do.

So that is a great value proposition as well.

He’s helping Klein stay secure by hacking them first before malicious hackers too.

So that’s a great reason to get in touch with him or to connect with him or to hire him because he can help you stay secure before the bad guys do so.

Nice value proposition.

Have a look at another example here.

You can still include the role inside sales at Microsoft empowering people every day in the U.K. market to achieve more.

So this is a good one because it says the role.

So it’s clear exactly what they are.

And it’s even more specific in terms of the market.

And you know what they’re helping people to do so those are three different examples of how you can think about that headline.

One have a clear call to action and create a value proposition for that.

The other is to kind of give your value proposition again and show the negative effects of maybe not reaching out to this person.

And then the other is do a kind of a combination to show the role.

So it is very clear what exactly your role is.

And then even maybe get some specifics in terms of the marketplace.

Now if you want to edit your headline very simple you can just come in and you can go ahead and edit it there.


So I’m just taking a look at some of those best practices and examples of data my own instructor eata me a parrot and pairing small businesses.

To grow with digital marketing might be a bit long.

Let’s say this and see how this looks.

I can just click OK.

So I think that looks pretty good there for a first draft.

Maybe I’ll come back and try and get this down onto one line but you can see I think that’s a lot better done was before where it was just essentially while my role was on there wasn’t much of an incentive for people to connect or to reach out to me.

And because they didn’t say exactly how I could help them.

So I think that’s a lot better and I would take these best practices into account for yourself.

So we’ve talked about creating your can’t we talked about the profile image we’ve talked about the headline

and then let’s talk about the summary.

And this is something that I could work on as well.

And one of the cool things that I’ve noticed on Linked-In is that they have actually once you started

to update your profile a little bit where you’ve worked they have actually pulled together a summary

for me.

So writing a summary can be hard.

That’s why we’ve created one for you to get started.

So if I look at this summary it says experienced instructor with demonstrated his working in an industry

skilled in marketing management negotiation business planning sales e-commerce strong education sessional

growth troit.


So some of that is accurate and actually surprisingly good summary that they’ve pulled together through

artificial intelligence I think.

So I can if you have that option you can use that in to get started.

Now I will need to edit this a little bit again.

And before I do I would recommend you have a look at some examples again now to see how I can improve


Let us look again at these examples to see what we could do better.

So if we look as our staff here OK so he is talking a little bit more about himself here now.

And I would even say if he focused more like he did in the headline here where he did on how he can

help you then not is going to keep people reading and reading them.

But the interesting thing that he’s done here is he says how to reach him reach me on Linked-In message.

He gives his phone number and he gives an e-mail.

And he says the call to action if you get to endorse my skills so this is I think the most interesting

part of this profile here is something that you could just copy and paste and put on your profile as


Use a little bit of background in terms of what he’s done.

But then this is very interesting reach me on say the Digital Marketing Course message so I can open up an address

my summary again.

I’ll have to change that number.

But this is a great idea because if the purpose of your Digital Marketing Course profile is to generate leads and connections

and potential customers then make it easy for them to reach out to you and give them specific instructions

about how to do that.

You could even narrow that down to one and say best way to reach out is through Digital Marketing Training or by e-mail.

So I’ll just leave that there for the moment.

I think that was a good idea from that profile.

Now let’s look at Terry here to see what he’s going to come in to.

Again you can see call me directly and he’s actually put in a little symbol which is actually a pretty

cool idea and something that I could do.

Call me directly.

That’s even a nice thing to put in because it shows that you know there are going to be talking directly

to Terry.

Here’s another great example for the book of free consultation with me great idea please visit for media

interviews visit Terri blah blah blah.

So what I like out of this is let us take this again.

And this is the key point that I want to get across is right you don’t have to reinvent the wheel just

look at people who are already doing it well and take the best of what they’re doing.

And then you can use it for yourself.

Call me directly ask.


Fill that in later.

OK so tidy that up a little bit then.

So this is another option that they could do book me for free 30 minute consultation for media or speaking

engagements places that so that’s actually a great little line in there as well because it shows that

you are open to doing interviews and speaking engagements and that’s even a lot clearer than just saying

something like send me a Digital Marketing Training message or phone me because it’s showing you know essentially why

they should call you.

And even here book a 30 minute consultation and even if you could say you know specifically about why

book a 30 minute consultation to learn how to protect your business in the case of maybe Terry here

because he’s focused on cybersecurity.

So let’s have a look at this final profile doesn’t have a summary right now.

So it is something that maybe she could include.

So those are just some ideas and examples for what you can do in your profile.

I would suggest you don’t focus on eye because you can see in the auto generated Digital Marketing Course profile here

it doesn’t mention I once it kind of just says your experience am and you know what are the things that

you’re experienced in and then I think after you do that you can add in some specific call to actions.

And I think we saw some good ideas there just even reach me on Digital Marketing Training where if you want to get more

specific I think these were brilliant ideas.

Book a free consultation for media interviews and speaking engagements visit me on whatever web site

you can link directly that to call me directly on that as well.

So I’ll save those for the moment.

Just to show you how that’s going to appear and you can see it’s pretty short.

But I think we’ll get straight to the point.

And I think that is a great way that you can enhance that summary and use that summary to generate leads.

They’re going to read the headline and they’re going to move then.

And so it is important to remind them to connect or just keep moving in the page to read more about


Now we’ve already looked at three of the five things that you can do in the profile image headline summary.

And now we’re looking at the fourth thing that you can do to generate more leads or grow your presence

on Digital Marketing Training.

And that is to create a custom your l.

So I’ve already done it here but you’re going to find this option in the sidebar under your contact

and personal information.

And then here you can create a customized URL for your Digital Marketing Course profile and this is great because you

can put it on business cards and it’s not just a long string of random numbers and letters but you can

edit that for yourself.

But that on business cards it looks great on a Web site.

It’s a short link that you can paste anywhere and it just is a great thing to do.

Similar to what you might do on Facebook or YouTube.

You can create a custom mural very very handy and you can just added it in there.

Your your own name might not be available.

So luckily mine was just first name surname if you your name isn’t available one great tip is just to

put your middle initials my middle name is Michael.

So I would just have put Darra and Walsh and probably that custom thumbnail would have been available

so use your middle name as a middle initial If your first name surname is not available.

Now the filing that you can do to build a profile that converts is also on your Web site you or L..

You can also put your phone number in here as well and your e-mail here as well.

So we have said that we will put this in this information in our summary but not everybody looks to

the sidebar here but it’s great to have this information here as well and that will help you get more

contact from people and also get more traffic to your website because it’s listees here and you can

set that up to either goes directly to maybe an email or sign a form where they get a free PTF you don’t

just have to send them to your profile you can be quite creative with that.

And that’s something you can actually do in your summary as well if you’re linking off to your Web site of Digital Marketing Blog.

You could say you know get it instead of a free PTF consulate or a free consultation.

You could say get a free PTF about the most important things in cybersecurity for today’s and an 18

as an example.

Then they go there.

They have to put in their e-mail address and then you send them the PTF.

But that’s a great way to not just put a link necessarily to your home page but also use it as a way

to Gesh actually emails from Linked-In.

So now we have covered the five steps to build a profile that converts.

Go ahead Tillington dot com.

Set up your cans and implement these five strategies that you can generate more website traffic and

leads from Digital Marketing Course.

It’s the first step to really starting an.

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