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Want to Digital Marketing course in Delhi live here on digital marketing institute streaming model if you’re watching this course in order you probably know how to do this or I am about to show you right now but let me show you very quick and easy how you can easily go live on digital marketing course in delhi and reach people all over the world with your message.

Here we are on the eastern app I recommend you if you don’t have the app you can download it from yourapple store or Google Play when you’re here on your account you log in and all that you see are the top stories and you see my picture in this case but on your case will be your picture. So you click on there and here you see me.

Hey guys.And at the bottom here you have to live normal Boehmer you click on life so you’ll switch to that.The eastern life much more here.So here we are ready to start a live video if we click on the top left hand side.We have our settings icon and you see here that you can hide these streaming from specific people if you want. So you said OK I don’t want this guy here to see my two my life is Treme So I click done. And I use Ionescu in one person by doing that. Let me add this guy back here. Excellent.
Below that you have allowed Messers reply for everyone or just from people you follow or if you prefer

you can turn this off if it’s there for you.

I recommend you that even if it’s the first time you are doing please leave it everyone because the

goal here guys is to share the message with our audience and to have engage our audience that interactwith you during the live stream.Right.The last option is safe Share for us automatically save photos and videos to your phone when you add them to your story I recommend to tune in to leave this on and if it’s off turn it on because these guys is important to

save this live video.You will just do it that we will do it in one minute here This live video will be saved to my device on your case.It will save to your device so you can use it later if you want.On your blog on your YouTube channel on your Facebook page or any word that you want came the next Ican hear in the middle of the top East notifications.

You can turn on all of if it’s on digital marketing course in delhi will notify of your followers about this live session.

So that’s great right.

Because if you have let’s say you have a hundred followers a hundred people will be notified by digital marketing course in delhi.

saying hey Diego is live.

Click here and see what’s going on and people will start participating on the live session and that’s

great great engaging engaging comments and all that.


So when you are ready with this you can just click on to start live video.

And after that you will be live for all your followers.OK.This is how you do it’s easy to do.I wanted more of your probably know how to do this.I just want to make sure if you don’t know if you have any questions you get all the questions answershere on this video OK.See you in the next video or we’ll continue exploring all the power of digital marketing institute streaming.

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