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OK guys here we are in the create online courses digital marketing course page.

Right.If we scroll down we see the digital marketing Live session that we just have six minutes I go.
We have the title we have the video here.Everything is great.I remember that I really clicked like.And I sent a smile here while we were doing the video.

So now you see that we have one view which is was me actually.And we have one like on the good thing on this video I’ll show you how. What’s the best way to reuse this content.So sometimes you do these these live session and you have great reply great engagement from your Audi and you see that you have great converse shows that people really like your session.So you want to reuse that and I’ll show you how to do that.Exactly.One way to do it is to download this video and upload these to YouTube if you want to that you can checklater on the cars you will have the option to see how to download any videos from you.Not just this one any videos that you want.You can download and reuse it of course you need to make sure you have the rights to the copyrights and to use that on your YouTube or on any other place on this scale because it’s my video my session I have all the rights to use this as I want.

That’s number one.Number two and this is an important one if you like this.If you have engagement you have a lot of comments here because everybody that send questions that saidyes within the call within the session you will have all the comments here.And this is amazing because the comments can go very very huge.

Also you have all the likes.So this is a great post.If you have all these this great post to actually use your post to create an ad with this specific tool.So by clicking on HBO’s the post you can you can send these you can create an ad of this specific videosession and share with not with your audience with your target audience people that are not yet on youraudience but people you want to add to to reach with your digital marketing course ads.OK.So this is a great way to reuse this is actually to share this as a digital marketing course to boost the post the fairway to do it is to share these click here not with your friends but in groups that are in groups thatyou know that you know where are your audience what your target audience is constantly.

So again if I am teaching how to create an online course I will join groups on digital marketing courseThere are groups with 20000 people 30000 people 10000 people.So I can join these groups right on when I have my session ladies.I am teaching something valuable that my audience that are interested on how to create online coursesI can go to this group and share this with a group so if I go share and I click I can share on my owntime line.

Or I can share on a group and I can say type here any group like you see me let’s see here.Let’s say this one for example premium online courses probably Here are a lot of people that are interestedin how to create online courses so I can write something here and I can share this video with the group.So this is a great way to to collect people to call people for on digital marketing course without spending a dime tocall people to your page and to to to actually join these people to our audience to make them like your

Digital marketing course page to make then go to opt in page and buy your product.So that’s why it’s good to plan your your digital marketing life before you start the session because if you are if you plan to share this on digital marketing course groups that are related with your topic maybe is a good call to action to have an opt in page or just to say hey if you are watching these in any other Facebook pages that is not mine I invite you to click here on the top on the create online courses link on linethe page because we are doing monthly or weekly or daily sessions that you will absolutely love.

So you give a call to action to these people you plan before and you give a call to action that theyactually will do will perform because if you go to a call out and see if you publish this on a digital marketing course. group that is not your group that people maybe don’t know you and you say hey by my brother by my blogby my course at the end.Maybe they won’t by because they don’t know you yet so it’s a call out.

That’s why it’s good to plan for us and send them to an opt in page where you can send e-mails lateror make them like your Facebook page so when you create other sessions in the future they will receivethe notification and what your sessions are and after that after a few sessions they will know you andthey will trust in you.And that means they will be ready to buy for you.So I hope you like these three ways to reuse your digital marketing course live streaming.And I hope to see you in the next video.

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