Introduction of Digital Marketing Course | App Store Market Research

In this video, you’re going to learn a digital marketing process to do market research that will help you to build apps that are going to be massively successful or learn in digital marketing course how to be a very successful marketer.

So the first thing you want to do is go ahead and open the app store.

Now I am on an iPhone going to open up the Apple App Store.

However, you can mostly go through this process on the Google Play store as well, and you can even do the Google Play Store one on a desktop as well.

So what you want to do then comes across two top charts, and you can see you paid free and top grossing apps.

Moreover, essentially what you want to do is go through each of these On-Star to understand these different apps in here. In any app promotion module of digital marketing course, we will start with basic introduction of play store and app store. So that, you can easily understand basic concepts first.

Introduction of Digital Marketing Course | App Store Market Research
Introduction of Digital Marketing Course | App Store Market Research

Now the success of any business is going to be dependent on your understanding of the marketplace and really for the business; you need to come into the app store to do that.

However, I think you’d be shocked at the number of developers that I’ve talked to who never even come into the App Store to understand where is their demand.

Whether the apps that are selling what are the top apps and how are they marketing their apps how they have laid out there their screenshots their headlines everything in here.

All of the information is really in here in the App Store that you need to be successful. If you really want to start with basic let’s join me in my digital marketing institute in delhi in Techstack and start building your app from scratch.

So instead of trying to come up with a concept and know where you want to try and see what the apps that are selling Where are is their demand and maybe create an app and put your twist on something that this clearly already demand.

So I would recommend you start at the paid cad page charts here and start to ask yourself why this op is so successful?

Why is it ranking here and being so consistent and if you come in regularly you’re going to see water the top up again and again and again.

Why do people like this up?

So if we come then, for example, let’s have a look at this one.

Why do people like this up?

Well if you come to reviews, you can see why. Why do they like it so much? Why is this fun to them?

What is the aspect of this app that makes it so accessible?

You’ll also see some people saying you know to give it a four-star three-star review.

So that is a real clue for about what’s missing.

You need at least four people to play. We in Techstack can be one of them.

So could you create a version of this app where people can play against each other or that people can play against a computer or something like that?

So in each of these reviews, there’s going to be opportunities for you to see how you could improve this app and understand at the same time what is it about this that engages people so much moreover, you could take some of those concepts and apply it to your app even if it’s not the same as this.

However, by coming in reading the review’s understanding you are going to understand the marketplace which you can also do is go ahead and buy the app download it while it was the process like did you become a raving fan after trying it.

Will the customer use it again.

You can come in and see how are they marketing to their customers.

You know what the Screenshots are in here.

Is there a video in here.

What is the icon design like.

What is the competitive advantage of this sap?

What does this app costs in terms of its pricing?

So all of this information is here in the App Store, and you can go and through these.

Moreover, I would if you are serious about the business you should be doing this daily because the more you do, the more you understand the marketplace and the more that you see the opportunities most casual developers will not do this, and that gives you a serious advantage if you understand the marketplace.

So I would start with the top paid apps and then come across to the free apps and go down and do the same thing as well.

Now a lot of these are not going to build like watts per Spotify.

So come down and have a look at these apps which of these apps could you potentially build.

Which ones are built by independent developers?

Nowhere’s there’s pressing demand because these are going to show you then I would recommend you come across to top grossing ops and again go to N3 that the same press a lot of these top tops is no way you’re going to develop something that big, but you want to come down and see you know where else have there been.

If these are the top-grossing us, who were developing this perfect pitch my fitness.

That’s quite a big one.

Nomy fun tests on astrology.

I mean these test stops seem to do incredibly well.

These seem to be that seems to be developed by, and it’s in the top grossing apps.

I mean that is pretty interesting to me.

Moreover, you can get all sorts of information here.

Look at the reviews again and even come across and look at the related apps if you want to dig a little bit deeper and see what else customers are buying.

So this is great to know as well.

This is one of the top grossing apps, and people are buying similar apps to this.

Well then you can come in and mind the data once again and say well could I create a laptop and maybe this one is too competitive.

The nome test and astrology whatever but maybe some of these other competing apps that people are buying.

You could do a better version of that.

Now once you’ve gone through the paid the free and the top grossing apps you can also come down into individual categories and see you can dig deeper once again and mostly go through the same process.

So if we come into a lifestyle, for example, we can do top grossing paid free and continue the process going deeper and deeper and understanding the marketplace.

So it seems like a reasonably straightforward process a fairly obvious thing to do, but I think you’ll be shocked at how many developers and marketers don’t do this seriously enough.

All of the information is in here.

In terms of water where there’s demand for ops and really how you should market it.

Moreover, I would recommend you do this almost daily.

The more familiar you are with the marketplace, the more success you will have with your business.

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